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2021 Local Maryland Nucleus Colony Sales

The Queen’s Honey "only medium" nucleus colonies consisting of a marked queen,  with 5 frames of bees.  There will be 3 frames of brood of various ages, 1 frame with food/pollen, 1 drawn frame empty on one side for laying, and the other side makers choice.  You will also receive an extra shake of nurse bees. 

All hives were treated with Oxalic Acid in December/January and are inspected by the State Apiary inspector before sale.

Make Your Own Nuc Option: If you would like  to personally choose the frames for a purchased nuc, please contact us to reserve a 20 minute time period. You will be required to accept the frame on which the queen is located.

Genetics: Our bees are primarily Italian with some Carniolian, but are locally mated Maryland Mutts. We select good solid queens that are easy to work, and make splits from our two-year -old queens. Each year we add a few new queen lines, and seek good hygienic behavior.

Nucs with Overwintered 2020 queens (not recommended for new beekeepers) available in Early April: $225

Nucs with New Spring 2021 queens available in May: $180

To order, you must provide a non-refundable deposit of $80. First to reserve is first delivered. Email us at

Kim and Mike Mehalick