Solid Lotions

This hard lotion melts on contact with your skin. Drop one in your purse.  Leave one by your bed. Great for travelers!

Plain Jane Soaps

A beautifully creamy soap made without added fragrance. Plain Jane has never felt so good!


Bringing all-natural products from our home to yours

Welcome! Clean Bee Soapworks is a family-run business that found its beginnings in beekeeping. As a way to augment honey sales, we later decided to expand our operation to include soap making. Suffice to say it was unexpected when the craft of soap making - especially the chemistry behind it and the artistic license in developing products -  became such a big part of Clean Bee Soapworks. Our Soaps, Lotions, Steamers and other products are tested by friends and family before they are added to our line of merchandise.  We are proud of our creations, but we always remember to thank the honeybees who are still a huge part of our family life and were the original catalyst that started us on this journey.  Enjoy... 

Clean Bee Soapworks

Shower Steamers

​This product is made with a variety of scents to suit the needs of both morning and evening shower takers. Aromatherapy for people who don't have the time for a bath!


As we enter our 6th year as a soap business, we say THANK YOU to everyone who has made this possible.  Our adventure with bees has led to our honey and soap business.  This has been our busiest year so far, and we are delighted in the growth of our little apiary. It certainly has been a fun ride so far!

This year we have added a new hand lotion to our product line.  It is from an old beekeepers recipe, that is more than 40 years old.  The resultant lotion is light, absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves you feeling wonderful.  Right now Beekeepers Secret is only available in cucumber melon, lemon verbena and honey almond.

We still have our Dead Sea Bath Salts, which are the most minerally dense salts on the market.  Ours are harvested in Israel, with only essential oils and a light color added before sale.  These salts provide a fantastic way to relax in a bath at the end of the day.  Our new fragrance is Mango Grapefruit.​​