Clean Bee Soapworks

To Order:

Simply send an email to with what you are interested in purchasing.   I will return a paypal invoice, once you pay it I will mail  you your order.  Alternatively, If you live near the Greenbelt Area, we can arrange to meet in person, and I will deliver your order

Current prices now include state tax and are:

Goats Milk Soaps   $7.50 each or 4 for $27

Soaps, Castile, Foundation Formulas  7.00 each or 4 for $25

Spa Salt Bars   Shaped like river rocks, wear down like stones, gently exfoliating $10

Facial Bar  With calendula infused oils, scented with rosemary, lavender and tea tree for skin benefits.   

                                                   Contains Jojoba Oil.  Cut into thirds, and use one at a time $20 

Shaving soaps with fantastic stand up lather   $15

Beekeepers Secret Lotion $10

Solid Lotion ( Skin Love) $10

Duck Soaps $5

Shower Steamers $2.50 or 3/$7 or 5/$10

Heart Soaps and Lip Balms in tins  $3.50  or 3 for $10

Lip Balms in tubes  $3 each or 3/$8 or 6/$15


Any Soap, a lotion in a reusable gift bag with three shower steamers, or a bath bomb for $25

​HONEY:  all natural, never heated, simply strained.  A delicious treat.

1 pound jar  $15

1/2 pound jar $8

Creamed honey, in 4 oz jar  $7

Small honey bear $3

Chunk honey in one pound jar $18