Clean Bee Soapworks

Clean Bee Soapworks


Our soaps are made in small batches using high quality ingredients chosen specifically for that soap.  The process of soap making is adding fats and oils to lye.  The resulting chemical reaction, called saponification, results in the creation of soap and glycerin with no lye remaining in the soap.

Our soaps retain the natural glycerin, acting as a lotion for your skin in retaining moisture.  For sensitive skin, we also have a series of Plain Jane soaps without fragrance or artificial color added. 

Making Soap:
Soap making is really chemistry in action.  We start with raw ingredients- oils and butters always of food grade and usually organic if we can find it.  For instance, our cocoa butter is organic, our palm oil is responsibly farmed.

Once the ingredients are chosen, and assembled it is time to determine the proper lye ratio.  We superfat our soaps (adding more oils and butters) by 5% or more, to ensure there is never any lye left behind.  This results in a softer more moisturizing bar.

The artistic work starts now.   First a look at the available scents, then a decision on what colors the soap should be.  Lastly it is time to experiment with the design of the colors and how they will be applied in this batch of soap.  Since we make no more than 15 bars at a time, each soap is a limited edition.  Also I freely experiment with different colors and swirls even with the same scent.... This is absolutely the fun part of soapmaking.